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Scrap Results
Each participant can join all kinds of sports disciplines that are offered. Only the 10 best results get rated. All other results are automatically NON RATED RESULTS. Non rated results give each participant the opportunity to compensate bad results by performing in other disciplines. The proof of the pudding is in the eating: Do not be afraid to try new disciplines and go for the 10 best results you can achieve.
Choosing only few disciplines
Petty results give each participant the opportunity to compensate low scores by having a better performance in other disciplines. Trying is about studying: The results of the strike can also be used to fulfill this principle in competition at the Universale. You can drop the safety net and drop the chance to choose more than 10 sports disciplines in order to save your strength reserves for just 10 special disciplines. But since you don't have to join each competition, you can also use all the selections and depending on your performance status join all or only a few sports disciplines.
Saving and dividing forces
It is obvious that in the 100 m freestyle competition (crawling) you will not be able to achieve your best performance, if you have participated in distance diving immediately before (and vice versa). Pacing oneself cleverly and find a good timing for your performances play a crucial role in gaining the best results at the competition. The situation can be similar when carrying out only one sport: If you for example overextend yourself on the military obstacle course (e.g. obstacle no 4) as a result you cannot recover during the next 16 disciplines. In cases like that experience is quite helpful.
How to choose
There is nothing wrong with trying all kinds of sports. In this way you will surely find your favorite disciplines. However, if you are not aware of your strength and concentration reserves, you should perhaps first turn to those sports in which you hope for the most points. Of course, you should also complete the disciplines that you would most like to complete, regardless of whether these sports coincide with those that you are best at or do not master. After all, the universal is all about having fun in sports. However, you should always keep your strength reserves in mind. Finally, you can choose all sports according to your mood or choose from purely strategic points of view.
The sports groups
For 2020 there is no requirement for the choice of sports from the groups. All sports that are chosen will be recognized for scoring. However, only the 10 best results of each participant are counted.
Number of attempts per sport
As a rule, participants have the option of making several attempts per sport. In disciplines such as shot put or long jump, 3 attempts are common. In Universale, however, there are also special rules for entry attempts for other disciplines. Some sports offer only one entry option - a circumstance that may change at another event. The ultimate goal is to determine the best possible performance of each participant. At the air rifle competition each competitor has the chance to do five test shots. Then two series of 10 shots have to be completed, of which only the best series will be scored. The current rules for the sports can be found in the rules sheet. You can click on the sport on the current login page.
The possibilities for scheduling can be found in the schedule. With the help of the timetable, each participant can create their own, strategically optimized, temporal competition plan. If an athlete does not appear, the place may be occupied by another competitor. The non-published athlete can make up for his attempt to enter at a later date. Important: A valid score in the system is only possible if the participant has been paid in the system (either by a valid payment or by an exemption from the administrator).
The goal is to achieve the highest possible number of points. It should be noted that the points of each completed sport are important for the total fitness value and any value that is created around the 500 point mark, already represents a very high value. The points represent a relative value to the maximum number of points of 1000 points in a power curve. Each meter and every second counts in a higher power range more than the meter or the second before.
Strategic planning
Sports such as the biathlon clearly show that very fast laps can have a quick impact on the shooting result and a missed shot leads to a penalty loop. Breathlessness at the shooting range stands against a fast running time. The rest is a calculation example. Calculations such as these are the usual craft in Universal. Many participants, however, make it easy in this regard and just always do their best - as long as they can.
Mental Strength
The importance of mental strength is often underestimated, and it is precisely this that makes them the tip of the scales. Often everything runs like clockwork, but sometimes something goes wrong. Especially with concentration sports, such as air rifle, archery, mini golf, billiard, but also sports bowling, a bad start can quickly lead to the participant only half-heartedly concludes the discipline and thus gives away valuable points. A crafty ball counts as much as valuable dive meters or hard won seconds. Participants who do not let their fighting spirit and concentration be taken away in such situations have a clear competitive advantage.
Fluid balance
The fluid balance is a crucial point for high performance. For this, a sufficient fluid supply is necessary. As a rule, isotonic liquids (soup, apple juice, fruit juices mixed with water) or water best support athletic performance. During sports activities there are major water losses (mainly due to sweating). The brain is also dependent on a sufficient water supply in order to maintain its efficiency. In addition, the oxygen transport suffers when the blood becomes more viscous due to a higher fluid loss.
A sufficient nutrient supply is necessary for a good athletic performance. Care must be taken to ensure that you can not cope with exercise-intensive sports for a long time, either with an empty stomach or a crowded stomach. In addition, it is important to ensure an adequate supply of important minerals - e.g. Magnesium and calcium. You will find more on the topics of nutrition and training later on HOME - Health
All participants are listed in the overall standings regardless of gender, age or special classes. There is no own men's rating. Accordingly, every male athlete can in principle be referred by every lady, every teenager and every senior athlete on the ranks. This applies to the total number of points as well as for each individual sport.
Women's classification
In addition to the overall ranking, there is also a separate women's rating, so that the ladies of creation receive a double motivation. For some ladies experience shows that the overall ranking is a particularly attractive task. Others prefer to rely on the women's rating - until they realize that you can attack the achievements of men very well.
Team classification
In addition to the overall ranking and the women's ranking there is also the chance to participate as a team. The normal size of a team is 4, but in some cases can be reduced to 2 contestants for each team. Each combination is allowed. There are no restrictions. Teams can be built even at the sports places by contestants that did not know each other before. All that is needed is a valid registration (online or by an instructor).
Fun factor
As a rule, the fun in the variety of sports is so great that most participants take the Universale as an opportunity to train after the Universale in their chosen sports, or continue to train. The next universal is definitely coming.
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