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Competition Rules
Sports Group
At least one sport per group must be selected from a prescribed minimum number of groups (compulsory number for the election of different groups). The choice of groups is free. The number of available groups is usually greater than the number of groups from which to choose (mandatory number 8 groups). Example: There are 9 groups of sports available, but only 8 groups of sports have to be chosen (at least 1 sport per group - rest selection is free).
Choice of sports
After the choice of 8 sports from 8 different groups, all other sports from all available sports may be selected.
Groups Special Rule
Ignoring the sports groups - free choice: The following sports may ALWAYS be selected (without having to pay attention to the group distribution key): Sprinttriathlon, Military obstacle course, Obstacle Swimming, 100 m freestyle, track diving, 2000 m run (valid as a co-discipline / substitute discipline for the 1500 m of the decathlon), 100 m sprint, long jump, high jump, shot put, javelin throw. Additionally selected sports have to follow the distribution rules again.
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