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Special Info Registration
Number of participants
Basically all registrations are accepted and the number of participants allowed is adjusted to the registrations subject to conditions. However, advertising measures are omitted and the number of participants is kept low. All competitions are limited to small groups and should not exceed a maximum of 18 participants if possible. Every registration is free and can be deleted at any time (more information about this: see below). All competitions take place at cost price.
Registration for August 2020
To take part in the Universale, a participant must have been healthy at least three days before the competitions. In any case, as everywhere, the 3G rule applies. A cancellation can be made at any time and is always possible without a cancellation fee (all payments made will be refunded).
Any participant who has paid an entry fee but cannot attend the Universale for any reason will receive a full refund of their entry fee without any deductions. Refunds are quick and easy. The fastest way is to announce an IBAN. When paying online, the IBAN is already known.
Change of sports selection after online payment
After paying online, we cancel the invoice, but keep the payment status. This enables each participant to change their selection even after payment has been made. Should this result in changes to the entry fee, the shortfall will be compensated according to the universal. In the case of a minus amount, we transfer the difference back to the participant after the universal. To do this, it is necessary to send us an account number with the owner name by email. Only email addresses that are registered with us will be recognized.
Advantages of a registration
Early registration has several advantages Registration does not oblige you to pay the entry fee. You secure a starting place for the selected sports and thus avoid unnecessary standing times. You will secure a start number in good time. You will receive all sports information by email. You can already prepare a strategy online. You will receive a list of the entry fee amount before payment according to your selection (and the option to change the selection). You save yourself the registration fee at the sports facilities because of the late registration (even if you only pay the entry fee at a sports facility). You can register early as a helper (you have to send us an informal email request) and save yourself the entry fee. With a registration you will already receive a valid admission ticket for selected sports fields (provided you have chosen a corresponding sport).
The costs depend on the age (adult or child) and on the "discount" setting, which you can find under the "Personal data" button. There are discounts for: Pupils / students Pensioners / unemployed / poor We can currently offer the following payment options: - Paypal - bank transfer (duration 1 day) - cash at the competition site Anyone who has registered online beforehand also saves the additional fee when paying at the competition venue. A supplementary fee in the amount of 2 - 5 euros (depending on age and discount status) only applies to late registrations that only take place on the day of the competition.
Capping Costs
The Universale has an upper limit for all entry fees. i.e. regardless of the individual selection of sports, there is a maximum amount for each category. Once this amount has been reached, no further costs automatically arise. The maximum amounts are for: Children: € 5 Students: € 5 Students: € 10 Penniless: € 10 Pensioners: € 10 Normal participants: € 20