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This little video Advent calendar shows funny, weird, amazing, strange and beautiful videos concerning Christmas time. All videos are visable at YouTube and can be watched there. We decided not to embed the videos at this page. We just link to the special video. This page is simple to use. Just click onto the picture to see the video. Please do not forget that some videos are far away from being "nice", but we hope you will enjoy them. Finally there are also cute and amazing videos and there is enough potential for the right Christmas spirit.

You can find more Christmas stuff and Christmas mood at YouTube pages like e.g. Gemtracker.
Please do not care if you find this calendar late. You can still watch all of the videos and take our advice and start with the video of 1st December. It shows you the spirit of this calendar.

Merry Christmas and enjoy.

 Advent Calendar
1 December
- Robbie Williams and maybe one of the funniest choirs ever sing "I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas". Due to the funny performance of the choir it takes a while till Robbie can bring this song to an end.
3 December
- This WWTV reporter knows how dangerous it is for children to play at snowbanks near the road. Surprise!
5 December
- "What's up Teddybear?" is a funny but weird Christmas cartoon with an evil sense of humour. So be warned! If you think animals are bad, why not take a look on Man! The film is of the lava lava series.
7 December
- This video is a bit bizarre and a bit crazy, but it's definitetly nice and funny and why shouldn't we enjoy some weird humor at Christmas? Monica and Gabriela wish you a cheeky Christmas!
9 December
- The 12 Days of Christmas video clip is a re-worked parody of the Christmas song in an Indian style by the animated popstar Boymongoose and his Indian boyband.
11 December
- "Carol Of The Bells" sung by Celtic Woman at the Helix Center in Dublin is not at all a funny video, but definitely a video that you should have seen.
13 December
- Diana Krall with a jazz version of the song "What are you doing New Years Eve?"
15 December
- What do you want to get at Christmas? How about a mobile with some special features? Well, if you get one, please keep the secret!
17 December
- "Green The Whole Year Round" sung by Celtic Woman Lisa Kelly at the Helix Center in Dublin. An absolutely stunning performance.
Goodie of the day
- Cute animals sing a Christmas song (but it could be that they want you to do something for them in return)
19 December
- Santa visits Pinocchio and asks him, if he has been naughty or nice. Maybe Pinocchio does not notice that Santa means "REALLY NICE"!
21 December
- If you need some Christmas mood this is definitely a video you must have seen and heard! Kenny G with "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" - (C) 1997 Arista Records, Inc.
Goodie of the day
- So many Santa Babies should be able to convince Santa. We cannot imagine who else could do it!
23 December
- A cool snowman sings "Deck The Halls". Well, Christmas Eve will be here soon. Get prepared!
A Happy New Year
- A New Years wish like "glide well into the New Year" is popular in Austria, but let us add: "Please be careful and try not to glide with your car!"
2 December
- Santa has got some problems with his band playing the song Jingle Bells. A funny animation.
4 December
- A snowman irritates people who are just passing by. Probably there is no question who has been naughty.
6 December
- Christmas Special - Comedy Clip - Ding Dong Merrily On High - French & Saunders (1988)
8 December
- Single Girls - A Jingle Bells Parody
by the animated popstar Boymongoose and his Indian boyband.
10 December
- A funny snow fight between Donald Duck and his three little nephews with a ship made of ice and an ice fortress.
12 December
- "Not Forgotten" is a very cute video. We could call it super sweet. So be warned! Sweet is not everybody's taste, but it has definitely some Christmas spirit ;-)
14 December
- If you think this video is a bit dark, you may be right. This video reveals the secret why there are so many Santas in the streets at Christmas. The story of Rare Exports Inc & Father Christmas!
16 December
- Most of the videos here are funny, but sometimes it's time for a little Christmas message. In this case the message is "care about your behaviour"!
18 December
- "Snow Falls Softly At Night" is an old Austrian Christmas song. This short animation shows how hard the life of snowflakes is.
Goodie of the day
- Wouldn't it be nice, if all the creatures in the world were cute and well-mannered? Christmas is called the time of love (but do animals know that?)
20 December
- What is Christmas without any Christmas card? This is an extremly weird card with a lot of Monty Python style.
22 December
- An animated Christmas Card with the song "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" sung by The Drifters. Featuring Bill Pinkney on lead bass and Clyde McPhatter on tenor.
Cartoon by Joshua Held.
Goodie of the day
- Well, even this year we found a young music talent, who surprised us with her performance: Chantalle Readman
24 December
- What should we present at Christmas Eve? A funny animation or a beautiful song? We decided to take the song! Celtic Woman with "Let It Snow!"
"Be careful and stay healthy"
- Be careful when you drive and you have a good chance for a good and happy New Year. All the best for everybody!

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